What is meditation? Meditation is the method by which we try to still ourselves so that we can get in contact with the inner part of our being. It is the practice of diving deep within, beyond the surface of our everyday life, as a means of finding that tranquility which we can hopefully bring to the fore to lighten our stress, burden, and pain which we face on a daily basis. 

   Meditation is not an illusion, or an escape. It is a way of recharging ourselves with inner nourishment which we desperately need in order to accept life and whatever that may come our way. It gives us the ability to see things in a positive manner and opens up vistas which were not there before.

   The first message we get from walking along the path of meditation is hope. Hope that one day we may be inwardly at peace to brave the buffets of life and outwardly enthusiastic about the experience of life and all it has to offer, in a new and ever expanding way.  "I See"

   The second message we get as we continue our journey along the path of mediation is possibility. Possibility that there is more to us than just our earthly existence, and to find out what it is we are searching and striving for. "I Can"

  The illumining message once meditation becomes our life breath is that the goal is not only achievable, but we inevitably become the goal itself.  What can be achieved can be lost. But by uncovering, discovering, and becoming, we are and always will be. "I Am"

Meditation Picture
Success is measured
By the outer joy.
Progress is measured
By the inner peace.
- Sri Chinmoy -