Welcome to the Los Angeles Sri Chinmoy meditation site.  Our goal is to offer free meditation classes so that you can learn techniques to help quiet the mind, reduce stress, and bring your life into balance. Our classes are honest and to the point, and are suited for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced, as we cover a wide range of step by step instructions to enable you to reach the central core within which is all peace and harmony.  We believe that the modern life, with all of its technological advancement and convenience, carries with it stress, worries, and anxieties to a point where it is affecting the health and well being of humanity.

   Naturally, when others are in need, we respond as it is human nature to do so. We feel that the world desperately needs the tranquility that meditation can provide, and this is why we are offering the classes free of charge. If meditation truly works, then it cannot be kept to a few, for something that is worthwhile as this is meant to be shared.

   Our classes are structured to give you clear examples of exercises that can be practiced daily at home. Meditation is not theoretical, and we will show you how it can be used practically in your everyday life to deal with stressful situations. The classes are based Sri Chinmoy's philosophy of love, peace, and wisdom-light, which are the cornerstones of spirituality. Without such a basis learning meditation will not be fruitful.

   Each course consists of 3 classes which are meant to be taken one after the other. They are held once a week, and the information imparted build upon each class so it will require participation from start to finish. Not only will we provide you with the information, we will practice in class different types of meditation so that you can find the one which suits you best. We are all unique and certain methods will work for us while others may not.  Hence, we offer a number of different ways of meditating.

  The classes are tailored to the students so if there are specific aspects of meditation you want to know more about please let us know during the class. The atmosphere is relaxed and soothing and we invite you to join us. Each class lasts for about an hour and a half. Plan your schedule accordingly so that you can get the most benefit. Students are asked to practice meditation at home, in between classes to maximize progress.  Please register by using the contact form. 
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